Khalid - New Normal

July 26, 2021

Khalid starts a chapter in his career with the release of his new single "New Normal".

"New Normal" bears the signatures of Khalid, John Hill and Active Chil, with the latter two also producing the song.

Directed by Andy Hines, the music video for "New Normal" reveals a new world that lays the groundwork for the themes that Khalid will explore on his third studio album.

The R&B star's new album will be titled "Everything Is Changing" and will be released by Right Hand Music Group / RCA Records / Sony Music this fall.

"New Normal is inspired by how I felt during the pandemic and the emotional cost of quarantine to me and my friends," Khalid said.

"Everything is Changing as an album really goes a step further with all the songs focusing on trying to find a purpose and an identity in a world where everything is digitally connected but emotionally disconnected," he continues.

"As we all get out of quarantine and go out into the world more and try to reconnect with people we haven't seen in a year, I hope the messages explored on the album open dialogues and allow people to access their emotions. in a new way ", he explains.

Khalid first introduced "New Normal" a few days ago during the live broadcast of the Virgin Galactic space flight.

The song played inside the spacecraft as it returned to Earth, while Khalid also had the opportunity to sing for the mission crew, including Richard Branson, after completing their flight.

Khalid said it was his honor that "New Normal" was chosen to accompany such a historic moment.