"The Width Of A Circle": A collection of recordings by David Bowie from 1970

April 21, 2021

"The Width Of A Circle" by David Bowie is released on May 28, a collection of singles not included on an album, alternative interpretations and footage from his BBC appearances, all recorded in 1970.

The release follows the six-part "Brilliant Live Adventures" series, which focused on the singer-songwriter's 1990s concerts.

The latest collection of archive material includes 21 unreleased recordings to date, many of which were taken from a 14-song session for John Peel, recorded on February 5, 1970.

"The Width Of A Circle" also contains five songs from the music investment written by David Bowie for the BBC's "Pierrot in Tourquoise" (The Looking Glass Murders), in which he played a pantomime.

This bizarre television program was created in collaboration with the mime Lindsay Kemp and aired in 1970, giving a fascinating look at the early stages of David Bowie's artistic development.

"Even before the meeting, David and I had felt the need to work together. I had identified with his songs and he had seen my appearances and he had identified with my songs ", Lindsay Kemp later recalled, referring to this collaboration.

"I sang with my body the songs of my life; he sang, beautifully with his voice, the songs of his life and we assumed that by putting them both together the audience could not help but be seduced. "In other words, a pair of jeans is fine, but two are even better," he said.

The set of two CDs also includes four songs played by David Bowie and his then-band Hype during a March 1970 visit to The Andy Ferris Show.

For the first time we will hear the interpretations of David Bowie in "Waiting For The Man" by Velvet Underground and in "The Width Of A Circle".

"The Width Of A Circle" also contains some new mixes made by producer Tony Visconti in 2020 on singles such as "The Prettiest Star", "London Bye, Ta-Ta", "Memory Of A Free Festival", "All The Madmen "and" Holy Holy ".