Michael Jackson was disguised as a homeless man so as not to be publicly recognized

April 07, 2021

Extreme disguises were made by Michael Jackson to circulate freely in the world.
Michael Jackson's brother, Marlon, revealed that the late star used a variety of unusual disguises to avoid being publicly recognized.

The "king of pop" was even disguised as homeless, according to Marlon, who said the success made it impossible for Michael Jackson to live a public life.

"Michael was in a difficult situation. And it was difficult for him. Very hard. It is impressive. If Michael went out, in a few seconds people would stop what he was doing. "That's why he started wearing disguises," he told The Guardian.

Marlon also recalled that one day he met his brother, disguised, at a record store.

I went behind him and whispered in his ear: "Michael, what are you doing here?" He was dressed as a beggar. "His clothes were dirty, his teeth were missing, his shoes were dirty, his shirt was torn, but he bought all these great records," he described.

I told him, "Another thing that betrayed you, Michael, is that you wear the same shoes all the time." "They were the same moccasins he wore on stage."

Michael Jackson's death at the age of 50 in 2009 was also reported to The Guardian by his sister, Jackie Jackson.

"Every time I go to Las Vegas by bus I see Michael next to me. His face is next to me on a billboard. "I stop at the traffic light and say, 'What's up, brother?'" He said.