Mariah Carey breaks her silence over 'explosive disagreement' with JAY-Z

June 08, 2021

Mariah Carey responds to rumors.
Mariah Carey categorically denies recent rumors that she is parting ways with JAY-Z due to a heated argument.

The press reported that the singer ended her four-year collaboration with Roc Nation, the entertainment and management company of JAY-Z, after an "explosive" disagreement about the future of her career.

"Mariah and Jay had an explosive meeting that did not go well at all," a source told The Sun, claiming the singer was "with one foot out" of the Roc Nation.

"She has made it clear that she does not want any other relationship with him and has stopped working with Roc Nation. He will officially leave in the coming weeks. It is a pity because they have done an excellent job in recent years. "But this meeting could not have gone worse," the source said.

"Mariah has spoken to other managers and believes she has found someone who has full faith in her as she takes her next steps," The Sun reported.

"There is an album with strong R&B influences that is currently being completed and is planning a world tour for next year, so it will not let that stop it," the source said.

However, Mariah Carey clarified that the scripts belong to the realm of fantasy.

"The only 'explosive' situation in which I would 'get' involved with Hov is a creative encounter, like No. "Our 1 song" Heartbreak "", the singer wrote on Twitter.

"I say to the people who fabricate these lies: 'Poof! "Vamoose, sonofa *****" ", he added using a verse from the song" Izzo (H.O.V.A) "by JAY-Z from 2001.