Kanye West: 'I Love Hitler - He Has A Lot Of Goodness'

"The Jewish media led us to believe that the Nazis and Hitler never offered us anything of value to the world," Kanye West said.

Kanye West glorified Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, denied the Holocaust and attacked Jews head-on during a shocking interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

When speaking about the backlash over the rapper's past anti-Semitic statements, Alex Jones initially showed his understanding, noting that Kanye West is not "Hitler or a Nazi" and that he "doesn't deserve to be called that and demonized ».

In response, Kanye West, who wore a mask throughout the interview, said: “Well, I also see good things in Hitler. I love everybody and the Jews are not going to tell me, 'You can love us and you can love what we do to you with contracts and you can love what we promote with pornography.'"

“But for this man who invented highways and invented the microphone that I use as a musician, you can't say out loud that this man has done something good and I'm done with it. I'm done with categorizations,” he continued.

"Every man has something valuable to offer, especially Hitler. How about that? Also, Hitler was born a Christian," he added.

The microphone was invented in 1877 by Emile Berliner. Depending on how we define the term "highway," it is as old as the invention of the wheel and was certainly widespread throughout the Roman Empire.

Looking only at controlled-access highways for automobiles, the highway often cited as the first is the Long Island Motor Parkway in Long Island, New York, which opened in 1908.

Later in the show, Kanye West went on to glorify the Nazis even more, telling Jones, "I like Hitler." He also claimed that "the Jewish media made us believe that the Nazis and Hitler never offered us anything of value in the world."

At one point Alex Jones hit back at the rapper's barrage of anti-Semitism, saying, "I think most Jews are great people," but added, "I agree there is a Jewish mob."

Alex Jones then told Kanye West that he has a “little fetish with Hitler,” with Ye replying, “It's not a fetish. I just love the information."

"I don't like the word 'satanic' next to Nazis," West later said, unfazed by Jones' discomfort. "I love the Jews, but I also love the Nazis." Later in the interview, he reiterated that it's "time to show the love," stating, "I love Hitler. I love Zionists."

Kanye West has spent time lashing out at Jewish people he believes have opposed him, including Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, his brother, former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Dave Chappelle, whom he called a ” for criticizing him on the “Jewish platform” of “Saturday Night Live”.

The 45-year-old rapper also gave himself credit for popularizing anti-Semitism, saying, "No one in high school knew what anti-Semitism was until Ye popularized it."

At another point, Kanye West said that Hitler "had a really nice suit and was a good architect and he didn't kill 6 million Jews." Alex Jones replied: "I think Hitler targeted and killed some people."

Kanye West responded by saying, “He didn't kill six million Jews. This is simply wrong. The Holocaust didn't happen. Let's look at the facts about it. Hitler has many virtues that compensate for the defects.'

“I think Obama killed Palestinians. And Obama wasn't the first black president. He was another Jewish president," he added.