Kadebostany and Valeria Stoica collaborate on new single "Wild In Secret"

November 23, 2021

Kadebostany make their big comeback with another special, special and all time classic pop song entitled "Wild In Secret" in collaboration with Valeria Stoica.

With its emotional lyrics, electro beats, folk melodies and enchanting vocals, "Wild In Secret" bridges the gap between folk and modern electronic music, with a feeling of "crying smiling", as described by the creator himself .

The architect of the future of pop music and creator of many hits and producer who goes by the name of Guillaume de Kadebostany joins forces again with the singer Valeria Stoica.

"Wild In Secret" is their new single after the favorite "Take Me To The Moon" which was released in early 2021 and immediately conquered the radio and the public.

During several midnight recordings in the studio last summer, they did their magic once again and "Wild In Secret" was born.

The result is both spontaneous and unpredictable, which once again highlights a pop perfection we know from Kadebostany.

Supported by great images, "Wild In Secret" is another addition to the musical heritage of my favorite project.