Halsey pays tribute to Vivienne Westwood: 'Your legacy is immortal and eternal'

Halsey had appeared many times in Vivienne Westwood creations.

Pioneering British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood died on Thursday, December 29 at the age of 81, and Halsey took to Instagram to pay a heartfelt tribute to the woman who designed many of her looks over the years.

Vivienne Westwood designed the looks that defined the British punk rock and new wave era of the 1970s, including clothes cut to pieces and held together by handcuffs, bondage costumes and other fetish-inspired pieces, as well as slogan T-shirts and works of art that expanded social and sexual boundaries.

The 'SEX' boutique in London run by Vivenne Westwood and her then partner Malcolm McLaren was the meeting point and occasional employer of musicians who would become punk rock and new wave stars, including the Sex Pistols, who would later McLaren took over as manager.

Vivienne Westwood became a global fashion icon and activist on issues such as climate change and the removal of nuclear warheads.

Halsey wrote in an Instagram post: “Viv! My friend, my idol, my inspiration. There is not enough time or space at this size to adequately describe the ways in which you have influenced music, fashion, culture and the like.”

“Your legacy is immortal and eternal. I hope that all of us will continue to overturn the facts and challenge the institutions in your example and in your memory", he emphasized.

“I will remember very well all our conversations and teas (and you told the best stories). Love always, and long live Queen Viv,” concluded the 28-year-old singer.

Halsey included in her post a series of photos in which she wears various Vivienne Westwood creations.

Most of the snaps are from Halsey's film for her album 'If I Can't Have Love I Want Power' (2021), and she also added a photo of the singer sitting with Vivienne Westwood at a fashion show and a in which she chats with fashion designer and Pamela Anderson.