Green Day launches its own coffee brand

April 17, 2021

The most punk - rock coffee has the signature of Green Day.
The day has finally come for Green Day fans to get a taste of the coffee that energizes the band.

The complex has opened the (virtual) doors of the "Oakland Coffee", which proposes a carefully selected selection of coffees that are organically grown, selected by hand and are the subject of fair trade.

"Songwriting, rehearsals and performances start late at night and end early in the morning. We were looking for great coffee to help us do it all. "It didn't take long for us to start looking for the best coffee we could find and take it with us on tours wherever we went," Green Day reports on the new coffee brand's page.

"After more than a decade of searching for our favorite varieties and experimenting with baking (sometimes in our kitchen), we thought it was time to share it with the world," the band explains.

The range of "Oakland Coffee" includes organic coffees in premium blend and single variety blends in all forms: in beans, ground or single portions, with all packages being compostable.

"Oakland Coffee" also offers those who want to avoid caffeine a decaffeinated blend from Nicaragua and Honduras that offers "the same wonderful taste as your favorite coffee".

Billie Joe Armstrong personally created the brand's "Father Of All… Dark Roasts" blend, inspired by Green Day's latest album entitled "Father Of All…".

The "Atomic Garden" blend is dedicated to Armstrong's wife, Adrienne, while a trip to Mexico inspired Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt to help create the "Guapa Chiapas" blend.

The prices of the products of the "Oakland Coffee" series range from 9.50 to 14.99 dollars, while those who want a taste of all the blends can register at a cost from 33.99 to 44.95 dollars in the subscription service of the electronic coffee grinder .

To celebrate the new venture, Green Day is offering users who sign up for the free payroll programs on the Oakland Coffee House website the opportunity to enjoy an archival performance video of their song "Basket Case" (1994).

"Oakland Coffee House is now open! In today's menu, some hot shots from our treasury. "Come in and have a look," the band wrote on social media.