Dua Lipa: Her next album will be "something completely different"

June 02, 2021

Dua Lipa is "already thinking" about her next album.
Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia" album continues to produce successful singles a year after its release and the new head of the singer's record company believes that this is just the beginning.

Warner Records president Joe Kentish spoke to Variety about his new role and explained his philosophy of helping artists find their voices.

"We are proud to be an artist development record company, but that does not stop when you break a record. "Artists must constantly challenge themselves and strive to evolve," he explained, citing "Futute Nostalgia" as an example.

"He is the 'Terminator' of the albums, he just can't stop! Every time we think he has fallen, another single suddenly appears in another area or on another platform. And her work ethic is legendary. "We use it as an example to other artists in the company and we know that the management company Tap Music does the same," he said.

According to Joe Kentish, Dua Lipa is "already thinking" of her next album, which she revealed will be "something completely different" from "Future Nostalgia".

"She was talking about her third album while she had not yet completed her second album! "You think he might want to take a break or do different things, but he says, 'Okay, what's next?'" He described.

"Her interests, her knowledge, her thirst to learn new things and to be in control of what she does grows and grows. "It takes time for her to fully realize the album conceptually, but her belief in herself and the belief that she can do something completely different continue to grow," she told Dua Lipa.