Dua Lipa announces new single "We're Good"

February 06, 2021

Dua Lipa is ready to expand the vast universe of "Future Nostalgia" even more.

About two weeks ago, the 25-year-old singer announced the release of B-sides from her second full-length album, without sharing more information.

The processes seem to be progressing and in the coming days we will have the opportunity to enjoy a sample of the B-sides of "Future Nostalgia".

Dua Lipa announced through its social media accounts the release of a new single entitled "We're Good".

At the same time, he published the cover of the upcoming release, which follows in its graphics the futuristic theme established by the pop star for the era of "Future Nostalgia".
"We're Good" will be released digitally by Warner Records on Thursday, February 11th.

Dua Lipa reportedly co-wrote the song with Sly, Scott Harris and Emily Warren.

According to rumors that have not yet been officially confirmed, the B-sides are likely to be included in a new edition of the Grammy nominee album "Future Nostalgia" entitled "The Moonlight Edition".

The gorgeous "Future Nostalgia" was released in March 2020, while last August Dua Lipa presented the album "Club Future Nostalgia", which contained remixes of selected songs from her second album and some unreleased tracks.