Charity NFT by Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl

April 17, 2021

A digital work of art created for a good cause by Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl.
Mick Jagger joined forces on the new song "Eazy Sleazy" with Dave Grohl and in this company two of the most creative rock & roll legends of all time is now added a third legendary artist, the 3D artist Oliver Latta, well known Extraweg.

Mick Jagger and Extraweg have teamed up to create a charity-friendly NFT (non-exchangeable) audiovisual containing a recurring excerpt from "Eazy Sleazy".

The 30-second audiovisual work surrealistically captures the transcendence of the human mind and progress to the brink of social collapse to offer a much-needed moment of artistic relief as people slowly emerge from the lockdown.

NFT was auctioned off for only 24 hours on the Nifty Gateway online marketplace.

There's a 24hr charity auction on @niftygateway at 6pm BST today for a piece of Eazy Sleazy digital art, created by 3D artist @extraweg - proceeds from this will be going to a few charities picked by myself and Dave Grohl @foofighters - find out more at

- Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) April 15, 2021

100% of the revenue will be distributed to a number of organizations.

Among them is the Music Venue Trust, a British charity dedicated to protecting and improving popular music venues, the Back-up, which provides financial support to technology professionals in the entertainment industry who are seriously ill or injured or with surviving members of their families and the National Association of Independent Areas (NIVA), an organization that works to preserve and care for the ecosystem of independent venues and sponsors live shows throughout the United States.

Part of the proceeds will also go to various environmental mugs.

Mick Jagger's first NFT collection celebrates the maiden music collaboration between the Rolling Stones leader and Foo Fighters frontman.

As part of the charity, neither of the two musicians will receive revenue from "Eazy Sleazy", which is exclusively available on Mick Jagger's YouTube channel and social media accounts.