Camila Cabello presented live the new song "La Buena Vida"

October 19, 2021

The song will be included on Camila Cabello 's new album.
Camila Cabello's appearance at NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert" coincided with Latin American Heritage Month and included the performance of a new song entitled "La Buena Vida".

Born to a Cuban mother and Mexican father in Havana, Cuba, Cabello knows very well how to mix borders and connect worlds.

In the last live of the "Tiny Desk Concert" to celebrate Latin American Heritage Month, the 24-year-old singer presented a series of unique covers of selected global hits that represent and explore a new aspect of identity and the experiences that compose her.

Camila Cabello started the set with the hit "Havana" of 2018, with Cabello's intoxicating voice perfectly matching the performance of the song by her live band. The pop star then introduced the band members to the audience and warned that her voice may sound a bit vocal because she is struggling with a "tiny" sinusitis.

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"I did not want to appear on 'Tiny Desk' because I'm a big fan of him and I did not know if I would be called again, so here I am. "And I hope, next time, to do it at the 'Tiny Desk' at the NPR facility, without the tiny sinusitis, but for now, here we are."

Camila Cabello sang immediately after "Real Friends", "Señorita" and the latest single "Don't Go Yet", in a series of simple performances that included more Latin instruments than the original recordings.

The singer closed her appearance with the first presentation of an unreleased song entitled "La Buena Vida", for which she recruited the Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuellar ensemble.

According to Camila, "La Buena Vida" will be included on Camila Cabello's new album entitled "Familia".