Camila Cabello overcomes her insecurities as the new coach of "The Voice"

September 17, 2022

Camila Cabello may be a first-time coach on "The Voice," but she's got a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

During the press conference for the new season of the American version of "The Voice" with her fellow coaches, Camila Cabello talked about the pressure she feels, but stressed that as a former talent show contestant herself, she has some advantages .

"Sometimes I get a little bit of impostor syndrome. I want to treat the contestants right, and sometimes I think — there are some people who are 40 years old, they've been doing this for so long, and I say, 'I think you should do it this way,'" she told People.

“But I'm thinking, you know something? No, because I've been doing this for 10 years and I've experienced extreme situations where it wasn't a slow ride either. So I had to gather a lot of knowledge in a short period of time,” he continued.

"I have something to offer and I'm just trying to be as helpful as possible," she stressed.

But when that feeling of worthlessness goes away, Camila Cabello, who appeared on "The Voice" as John Legend's team advisor last season, is ready to lead her team's contestants to the end.

“I don't feel pressure anymore because I'm completely over it,” she said, with John Legend commenting: “She's really good. Honestly, she got it almost immediately and is very good on the show. She is very competitive and will be hard to beat."

Cabello Cabello - who competed on America's 'X Factor' in 2012, which eventually led to the formation of Fifth Harmony - also says that with a ten-year career under her belt, she's learned a few things that could really help her fellow contestants her team.

"A lot of what I got out of it that was really helpful is the psychological tricks for stress," he said.

“If you see it like this, if you reframe it like this, if you feel your body tighten, if you relax your jaw, it's going to make the note not come out like… all these little tips and tricks that didn't just come from the competition show, but from my whole psychology, my whole ten-year psychology," explained Camila Cabello.

Season 22 of America's "The Voice" will premiere on NBC on September 19.

Blake Shelton and John Legend remain in their positions from the previous season, while Gwen Stefani also returns, completing the foursome of coaches along with Camila Cabello.