Britney Spears "will not be left without help" if her guardianship ends

October 12, 2021

Britney Speas "will have a strong support system around her".
Britney Spears is not going to "make it on her own without any help" if her guardianship ends later this year.

The 39-year-old singer hopes that the next scheduled court hearing, which has taken over her case, on November 12, will make a final decision on the future of the court custody that has controlled her life for 13 years.

And while her father and former guardian Jamie Spears has expressed concern about the situation Britney will face if she gets rid of her guardianship, sources insist that the singer will not be left completely alone without any help.

A source told Page Six: "There is a real concern on Jamie's part that there will be challenges in Britney's daily life when and when the guardianship ends and that she will not know how to handle them properly."

"Jamie is behaving as if they are going to throw Britney at the wolves and wait for her to get by on her own without any help, but she will have a strong support system around her, including her fiancé Sam Asghari," the source said.

Britney Spears's legal custody began in 2008, when her father took over her personal and financial affairs.

Jamie then resigned as sole custodian and focused solely on managing Britney's estate, before stepping down last month by a court ruling that replaced him with chartered accountant John Zabel.