The Weeknd - Sacrifice

January 11, 2022

Jim Carrey urges The Weeknd to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
Shortly after the release of his new album, "Dawn FM", The Weeknd presents the music video for the single "Sacrifice".

The music video, which was accompanied by a warning that it could cause epilepsy, was directed by Cliqua, the duo who also took on the video for Dawn FM 's lead single, "Take My Breath".

"Sacrifice", produced by Swedish legends Swedish House Mafia and Max Martin, uses an excerpt from Alicia Myers' 1981 single "I Want To Thank You" and takes off from The Weeknd.

The "Sacrifice" video begins with the confused The Weeknd finding the light at the end of the tunnel, as the voice of popular actor Jim Carrey encourages him to "accept his fate with open arms" after being "in the dark for so long" ».

The Weeknd, however, returns to the darkness and fights for air on the floor of a club. He is then dragged out by hooded men, before being connected to a machine to begin the psychedelic journey that will offer him an escape from the darkness.

In terms of lyrics, "Sacrifice" moves in the opposite direction from "After Hours", The Weeknd's previous album, which can now accept the fact that he is alone and can not be sacrificed for an old love. It is not easy, but he tries in every way to move forward.