The Simpsons - Te Deseo Lo Mejor (Feat Bad Bunny)

December 29, 2021

Bad Bunny solves Homer and Marge's marital problems.
Bad Bunny enters the world of "The Simpsons" in the new music video for the song "Te Deseo Lo Mejor".

During his stay in Springfield, the Puerto Rican superstar tries to rekindle the relationship between Homer and Marge, after a quarrel between the couple.

Among other scenes in the music video, Homer steps back into a bush, recreating his famous meme, attending a Bad Bunny concert, and trying to win back Marge.

"The Simpsons" screenwriter Al Jean thanked Bad Bunny via Twitter after the video premiered: "Huge thanks to director David Silverman and Claudia Motta and Humberto Velez for their roles as Marge and Homer. "And of course at Bad Bunny, it was a pleasure to work with him," he wrote.

"Te Deseo Lo Mejor" was included on the "El Último Tour Del Mundo" album released in 2020.

The "El imoltimo Tour Del Mundo" won the Latin Grammy 2021 for Best Urban Music Album, and was also nominated for Album of the Year. He is also a nominee for the newly formed "Best Música Urbana Album" category of the Grammy Awards.

"Bad Bunny completes an exciting 2021, which includes winning two Latin Grammy Awards 2021 and appearing on the list of former United States President Barack Obama with his favorite songs for 2021." The list includes his collaboration with Aventura on "Volvi".

Earlier this year, Bad Bunny was named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World.