Stromae and Camila Cabello - Mon amour

July 30, 2022

Stromae releases a surprise collaboration with Camila Cabello on a new version of his song 'Mon Amour'.

The original version of 'Mon Amour' was included on Stromae's new album 'Multitude' which was released last May and marked the multifaceted Belgian artist's label comeback after eight years.

In this new bilingual version of "Mon Amour," featuring lyrics in both French and English, Camila Cabello sings about the sense of freedom that comes after a breakup.

Camila Cabello explained in an Instagram post that she first met Stromae during this year's Met Gala in New York and revealed that she has been a fan of the visionary singer, songwriter, producer and director's work for "years."

“I've been a fan of Stromae for years and always wanted to work with him. I heard his album in Paris and I really liked it," he wrote.

"We met at the Met Gala and I texted him that this is my favorite song and then I went into the studio and wrote a quick little chorus about my intentions for a fun-filled summer," she continued.

Camila Cabello added that she has learned "a little bit of French" online, noting that she is "obsessed with languages. "I wanted to sing in French on this song and I'm doing it," he said.

The music video for the remix of 'Mon Amour', directed by Julien & Quentin, is inspired by the reality show 'Love Island' and follows Stromae and Camila Cabello, along with eight other men and women, as they try to find the true love, amidst fights, kisses, pool parties and paranormal activities.

The video focuses on the misadventures of a character named Quentin, who fights with his new love. When his partner spots him with another woman, the heavenly villa turns into a nightmare.

By the end of the video, everyone in the villa mysteriously disappears, except for Quentin, who ends up alone.

“Without condoning or mocking reality TV, (the video) acts as a perfect prism to highlight the human comedy that plays out in Stromae's lyrics. In these contestants, there is a piece of each of us," Stromae's brother and producer Luc Van Haver said in a statement.

Stromae has stated that "Mon Amour" is about a man who is unfaithful and who "every time he's in a relationship, he ruins everything."

"Mon Amour" is the next single from the album "Multitude" after the empowering "Fils de Joie" and "L'enfer", in which Stromae confessed his battle with suicidal ideation.

As for Camila Cabello, 'Mon Amour' is her first song since the release of her third personal album, 'Familia', which contains the hits 'Don't Go Yet' and 'Bam Bam' (featuring Ed Sheeran).