Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato - What Other People Say

February 17, 2021

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato are not worried about "what people will say".
Sam Fischer reveals the music video for his collaboration with Demi Lovato on the wonderful single "What Other People Say".

Sometimes we get so caught up in the perception that people have of us that we forget how we really feel. This is the feeling of Sam Fischer's new duet with Demi Lovato.

The emotional mid-tempo pop song opens with a confessional verse by the American singer.

"What Other People Say" is a confession, an awareness of how far you can go from yourself in your quest to be liked. "It talks about the pressure of society and how when you deal with the wrong things you can become a different person," commented Sam Fischer.

"This song is a representation of what it's like to lose what you really are in an effort to satisfy people and society," Demi Lovato added.

"What Other People Say" describes the feeling of loneliness and the need not to disappoint the people around you.

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato take two different lives and perspectives and unite them in a common message about human experiences, emotions and companionship.

The result is a very special song with a dynamic refrain full of emotions.