Nick Jonas - This Is Heaven

March 20, 2021

Nick Jonas reveals the music video for the song "This Is Heaven" from his new album "Spaceman".

Filming took place in London, Windsor and Southampton in the UK under the direction of Daniel Broadley.

The video begins with Nick Jonas finishing the last page of a script on an old typewriter inside a space mission control center.

The singer then goes to St John's Church in London's Hyde Park, where he sings "This Is Heaven" accompanied by the Gospel London Community Choir led by Anthony Williams and accompanied by David Angol on saxophone. by Aaron Graham on drums and Leiah Fournier on keyboards.

The choir emphasizes the amazing vocals of Nick Jonas with style, soul and spirit.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas explained in an interview with SiriusXM's "Hits 1" station that he wrote "This Is Heaven" for his wife Priyanka Chopra when they reunited after several falling apart because the actress was shooting in Germany .

"This Is Heaven" generally touches this feeling of reunion with your man. "His purpose was simply to capture this euphoric feeling he has when you are with your man," he described.

"And for me it's obviously something romantic, but I think for anyone listening to this song, we're all in this moment, it's really that feeling we're waiting for when we do this first normal thing or when we see friends again and "Our family that we have not seen for almost a year now or more," he continued.

It's supposed to give you the feeling that you're really raising your hands in the air and saying 'finally'. "This is the kind of energy I wanted this particular chapter of the album to have, but this song has the feel of the '80s," said Nick Jonas.

"A big influence for me on the sound was Peter Gabriel and Steve Winwood and weird things like Drake and The Weeknd as well. "You have all these different influences and inspirations from the '80s, but it certainly has that feel of Steve Winwood and Michael Bolton with the saxophone and it's just a good time."

Nick Jonas' new album "Spaceman" was released by Island Records / Universal Music on March 12 and was followed on March 16 by a deluxe version of the album featuring five bonus tracks, including a new Jonas Brothers song.