Muse - Kill Or Be Killed

July 22, 2022

Muse experiment in their new song with a modern metal sound.
Muse present new song 'Kill Or Be Killed' ahead of the release of their album 'Will Of The People' on 26th August.
'Kill Or Be Killed', featuring granite riffs, industrial touches and an expansive, eccentric prog structure, is one of Muse's heaviest songs to date and is already a crowd favorite in their live shows. .

The song's visceral intensity generated enthusiastic reactions from their fans, who flooded Muse's social media with messages begging the band to release the single.

Muse premiered 'Kill Or Be Killed' at various festivals this summer, including their appearance at Athens' Olympic Stadium as part of the 'EJEKT Festival' on June 29, saving the song for the night's encore .

Responding to the overwhelming 'will of the world', Muse have decided to release 'Kill Or Be Killed' ahead of the release of their new album.

Matt Bellamy said: "Kill Or Be Killed" is Muse at their heaviest! We wanted to refresh our hard rock sound on this album and with 'Kill Or Be Killed' we found a modern metal sound that includes a double bass drum and even a death growl."

"Lyrically the song is influenced by my favorite Paul McCartney song 'Live And Let Die', a dark take on how life's adversities can sometimes bring out the worst human survival instinct cost," he added.
As Matt Bellamy famously sings: "Fate drives me crazy / Makes me face / That I must kill or be killed"

The music video for 'Kill Or Be Killed' was directed by Ben Lowe and consists of live footage of Muse performing the song during their recent concerts.

Muse have already released the songs 'Won't Stand Down', 'Compliance' and the title track 'Will Of The People' from their upcoming new album this year.