Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan & Tinie Tempah - Diamonds

October 12, 2021

"Diamonds" is a song that will set fire to the crowds of major festivals.
Dutch DJ and music producer Martin Garrix is ​​collaborating with his compatriot Julian Jordan and British rapper and singer Tinie Tempah on the new single "Diamonds".

"Diamonds" originally started as a demo between the two music producers, with Martin Garrix proposing the addition of Tinie Tempah to the song.

While working on Diamonds, I received a phone call from Martijn in the middle of the night. He had the idea to add Tinie to the song. I ran to his house and we finished the demo together that night. "A few weeks later Tinie came to Amsterdam to record the vocals and the meeting was a lot of fun," describes Julian Jordan.

"Diamonds" is a song that has to do with energy, it is something fresh and new, but definitely made for the huge crowds. "Combine all of this with Tinie's fascinating performance and a banger is born."

Tinie Tempah's stormy raps perfectly complement the dynamic energy of the song, which seals Martin Garrix's great comeback on the festival stage.

Martin Garrix
"The brightest gemstones come from the darkest parts and are created under high pressure," explains Tinie Tempah.

This is the essence behind the lyrics and the production that Martin, Julian and I prepared for "Diamonds" and we have applied to many songs over the years. "I am so excited that people will hear what we have prepared."

Martin Garrix states: "I missed being on stage so much. It was crazy that I was finally able to play this song in front of an audience during my first gigs after almost two years. It was also very special that Julian and Tinie appeared next to me on stage to perform the song. I'm really happy that we finally managed to release it! "

The music video for "Diamonds" captures the festival energy that the song breathes with moments of live performances from various festivals, such as "Creamfields" and "Untold Festival", which were filmed.

"Diamonds" was definitely worth the wait, as it brings the liveliness it promised.