Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge - We Are The People

June 22, 2021

The remix of Martin Garrix emphasizes the festive spirit of the song.
Martin Garrix is ​​releasing the remix for the collaboration with Bono and The Edge of U2 on "We Are The People", which is the official song of UEFA Euro 2020.

After the release of the original version of the song a month ago, Martin Garrix gives a new dimension to "We Are The People" by creating a remix full of energy.

The dynamic remix emphasizes the festive and unifying spirit of the song, while providing the perfect anthem for the coming summer days.

Meanwhile, Bono vocals and The Edge guitar riffs remain in place, maintaining the original mix of each artist's characteristic sounds.

For the needs of the music video that accompanies the remix of "We Are The People", the fans were asked to send material from their own special moments, from adventures they will never forget, from family moments that they will remember forever or smile of their loved ones.

The result is a collection of insincere and true moments that will cause chills.

Martin Garrix, Bono and The Edge attended the opening ceremony of UEFA Euro 2020, which took place on Friday, June 11, with a virtual performance of "We Are The People".

In addition to the official song of the event and its remix, Martin Garrix has also created the music that is used in the broadcasts and in the recording of the matches of the European Football Championship.

The UEFA Euro 2020 final will be held at Wembley Stadium in London on July 11, 2021.

Meanwhile, Martin Garrix is ​​looking forward to starting re-appearances at festivals, where the remix of "We Are The People" is expected to have a place in his program.