Maluma - Tonika

January 30, 2021

A trip to Jamaica inspired Maluma to record a new album.

Maluma celebrated his birthday (January 28) with the release of his new surprise album "# 7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica)".

The project includes seven songs and videos that take us on an audiovisual journey as Maluma explores Jamaica, leaving the traps of fame and connected to a new reality renewed by contact with the people of the island, music and the spirit of freedom. .

For "# 7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica)", the ever-flexible and ever-evolving artist takes his sound in a completely unexpected new direction.

Maluma combines latin urban music with reggae and dancehall while collaborating with famous Jamaican artists Ziggy Marley and Charly Black and local musicians, adding live instruments (trumpets, saxophone, bass, drums) to the recordings.

While each song has a different style, everything is seamlessly connected. The result is a Latin, urban and world music masterpiece, which is as refreshing as the journey that inspired him.