Majestic, Boney M. - Rasputin

March 20, 2021

Majestic steals the show with a unique rendition of Boney M.'s classic hit "Rasputin."

The updated "Rasputin" was a huge success through Tik Tok, where more than 2.5 million videos have been created that use it.

The remix streams exceed 600,000 daily and a few months ago it managed to be in the Top 20 of the world chart for the first time in Shazam.

Majestic is now working with Boney M. to create an official re-release of the song.

The characteristic vocals of the original version in combination with the amazing house beats create the perfect result.

Majestic is a DJ, producer and presenter on the British radio station "KISS FM".

With the effortless mix of house, garage and grime music that characterizes him, he presented in 2017 the success of "Naughty Sesh" in collaboration with Tigermonkey, a single that counts over 40 million streams.

Majestic's fan base is growing steadily, with its most recent release, the single "Me & U" (feat. Kelsey), receiving support from Britain's major radio stations.

Boney M., the successful euro disco group from Germany, have sold over 150 million copies of the album worldwide, while they have amazed the crowds with their huge hits "Daddy Cool", "Rivers of Babylon", "Sunny" and of course the "Rasputin".