Lana Del Rey - White Dress

March 20, 2021

Lana Del Rey contemplates the "White Dress" the days of her life before she became famous.
Lana Del Rey reveals the music video for the amazing song "White Dress", shortly after the release of her new album "Chemtrails Over The Country Club".

The video for "White Dress" is directed by Constellation Jones and is inspired by the work of director David Lynch, combining some of Lynch's surreal Southern California energy with Lana Del Rey's typical american image.

During "White Dress" Lana Del Rey skates on an empty highway in the desert, sings next to a wooden fence and meets her friends.

In some scenes, in fact, the singer appears with a splint in her hand, a detail that she had revealed a few months ago, noting that she had an accident while roller-skating.

Lana Del Rey co-wrote "White Dress" with Jack Antonoff, as did almost the entire album "Chemtrails Over The Country Club".

The 35-year-old singer refers through the song to the days when she worked as a waitress and did not know the price of fame. Now that she is contemplating her life before success, she wonders if it would have been better today if she had not become famous.

"What I like about this song is that no matter how strange it is, when you get to the end of it, you understand exactly what it's about. "I hate it when I hear a song that has a great melody, but I have no idea what it's about," Lana Del Rey told Jack Whiteoff in an interview with Interview Magazine in September 2020.

"In the grunge movement, a lot of the lyrics were extremely abstract, but the melodies and the tone were so intense that you felt like you knew exactly what the singer was thinking," he said.