KADEBOSTANY - Take Me To The Moon

March 03, 2021

Another ambitious job that pushes us even deeper into the visual landscape of Kadebostany.
Kadebostany presents the official music video for the new song "Take Me To The Moon" with the participation of Valeria Stoica.

The video introduces us again to the new world that Guillaume de Kadebostany has been creating for so long.

Showing the death of the artist, he takes us on a journey where the singer Valeria Stoica travels with the body of the musician in a surreal world.

Guillaume de Kadebostany has once again joined forces with Turkish director Hasan Kuyucu, with whom he has collaborated again in the videos for the single "Mind If I Stay" and the EP "DRAMA - Act 1".

The music video for "Take Me To The Moon" was shot in six days in Switzerland and highlights unique locations, such as the Peak Walk Bridge and the beautiful Lake Joux.

This is another ambitious work that pushes us even deeper into the musical and visual landscape of Kadebostany.

"Take Me To The Moon" is the first song from Kadebostany's upcoming EP entitled "DRAMA - Act 2", which is expected to be released later this year.

"DRAMA - Act 2" will transport the audience even deeper into the unique theatrical atmosphere of the project "DRAMA" or otherwise to the newer excursion through the music and visual world of Kadebostany.