Justin Bieber - Hold On

March 06, 2021

Justin Bieber adds another piece to the puzzle of his new album "Justice".

"Hold On" is a mid-tempo song that expresses all the questions that plague us in a period of isolation, such as the one we are going through, where "we all need someone".

The title of "Hold On" was revealed during the documentary "Next Chapter" which premiered on YouTube in October 2020.

"Hold On" is a music video full of action and intense emotions, directed by Colin Tilley.

The clip opens with Justin Bieber running on the city streets with a motorcycle and being chased by the police. As it turns out, Justin Bieber and actress Christine Ko (known for her role in the FX series "Dave") play a couple who need money for Ko to continue treatment for the cancer she suffers from.

In an act of despair, Justin Bieber takes a fake gun and robs a bank. The robbery unravels the thread of the beginning, as we then watch the pop star try to escape from the police. During the chase he receives a bullet, but does not give up and does his best to reach his beloved before it is too late. Will make it;

Justin Bieber has written "Hold On" with a select team of creators consisting of Jon Bellion, Ali Tamposi, watt and Louis Bell, with the latter two also producing the song.