Jason Derulo - Acapulco

September 07, 2021

Jason Derulo prepares suitcases for "Acapulco" with an irresistible song

"Acapulco" is expected to extend Jason Derulo's hit line.
The multi-platinum superstar Jason Derulo keeps the summer alive with the release of the irresistibly cheerful new single "Acapulco".

The music video for "Acapulco", directed by Jason Derulo himself, opens with the singer wrecked in the ocean as the boat he was on was engulfed in flames.

When the song begins, Jason Derulo and his friends find themselves stranded on a beach before getting lost in the magic of the jungle.

"Acapulco" has already caused a sensation on TikTok with a unique dance break.

Jason Derulo gave a taste of the sound of the new song to his millions of fans around the world who watch his hugely popular TikTok account.

Rolling out "Rolling Stone" as "the prince of TikTok's throne" and topping the "Future 25" list in the "Future of Music" issue of 2021, Jason Derulo is one of TikTok's biggest superstars and is the most popular active musician with platinum sales across the platform.

The American singer has more than 49 million followers and over 1.1 billion likes on TikTok, while his original sounds have been the source of inspiration for the creation of more than 19 million videos by his fans so far.

This summer, Jaons Derulo collaborated with Canadian-Iranian rapper and singer Tesher on a new version of his "Jalebi Baby" song, which proved to be another huge global hit, garnering more than 200 million streams, while the music video of their partnership counts nearly 59 million views on YouTube.