Green Day - Here Comes The Shock

February 24, 2021

Green Day returns with a new single entitled "Here Comes The Shock".

"Here Comes The Shock" comes a year after the release of the 13th studio album of the successful rock band, "Father of All…" (February 2020).

For the music video that accompanies the song, Green Day collaborated with the co-founder of "Punk Rock Aerobics", Hilken Mancini, who created a two-and-a-half-minute exercise program specifically for "Here Comes The Shock" and for the period are going through.

The new Green Day single was set to debut last Saturday (02/20) during the television broadcast of the first day of the NHL, the US Ice Hockey Championship.

However, bad ice conditions due to the incessant sunshine in the Lake Tahoe area of ​​Nevada led to a slight postponement of the game and the premiere of the song.
In September 2019, Green Day signed a two-year deal with the NHL, under which they debuted the song "Fire, Ready, Aim" from the album "Father of All…" during a league match of the same name. , while in early 2020 the band sang in the NHL all-star game.

While "Here Comes The Shock" is the first Green Day song in a year, the band members have not been inactive all this time.

Billie Joe Armstrong presented an album with covers he recorded during the quarantine period, while Green Day revived the side project of The Network and at the end of last year released an EP entitled "Trans Am" and the album album "Money Money 2020" Part II: We Told Ya So! ».