Gorillaz - The Lost Chord ft. Leee John

December 29, 2020 - 65 views

Gorillaz unveil the latest video from their album "Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez" with a new visual for the song "The Lost Chord" featuring Leee John.

In the new video, the four characters of the virtual band are washed up on the shores of Plastic Beach, with "The Lost Chord" continuing from where the video for "The Valley Of The Pagans" stopped.

The Gorillaz are then confronted by Leee John, who takes the form of a huge sea monster that shoots a laser out of his eyes.

After destroying everything in its path, the sea monster returns to the seabed and the band members disappear to an unknown destination through a gate that magically opens into the sky.
Shortly before the release of the video for "The Lost Chord", the Gorillaz shared a montage of some of their best moments on a creative level during 2020, acknowledging that it was a difficult year.

"2020 - One of the most difficult years in human history," the band wrote on Twitter.

"But somehow, against the odds, with your help and that of the extended Gorillaz family, we were able to make our own little piece of history. "Thank you for your patience and loyalty to the Gorillas," they said.

The album "Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez" is released by Parlophone / Warner Music.



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