Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits

June 29, 2021

A completely irresistible song that arrives in time to dominate the tastes in a flash this summer.
Ed Sheeran returns with a very renewed mood and releases the long-awaited new song "Bad Habits" to give a cheerful note to a difficult year.

Having spent the last two years out of the limelight after completing his "Divide Tour" triumphant tour, Ed Sheeran makes his big comeback with the ecstatic "Bad Habits", released by Atlantic Records / Warner Music and is nominated for the song of the summer.

Ed Sheeran, an artist known for his anti-conformist nature, presents with "Bad Habits" something unexpected but completely his own, continuing to expand his art to new dimensions.

"Bad Habits" is a song that conveys the energy that characterizes the escape from reality and most importantly, it is a song that will make you want to dance.

Ed Sheeran co-wrote "Bad Habits" and co-produced it with Johnny McDaid ("Shape of You") and FRED ("No.6 Collaborations Project").

The British singer and songwriter once again confirms his ability to perform extremely moving both ballads and rhythmic creations, two types of songs that are found in abundance in his catalog.

In the music video that accompanies "Bad Habits", directed by Dave Meyers, we see Ed Sheeran as we have never seen him, as he transforms into a punk vampire and tries to combine his talent in music with acting just as well as in acting.

Ed Sheeran exchanges his characteristic auburn hair with bleached hair and his canine teeth, with the music video serving as a metaphor for "bad habits" as the singer goes out for a wild night in London with other vampires, before return to his true self the next morning, with his auburn hair intact while the sun rises above him.

"I feel great to be back with my new single. I wanted the Bad Habits video to play with the nature of habits in a way that is related to fantasy, so I ended up with vampires. It was a lot of fun getting into the character, except for the heights (it wasn't that much fun). Enjoy it ", comments Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran will sing "Bad Habits" live for the first time during his live concert tonight at Ipstown Town's Portman Road in Suffolk, England on the occasion of TikTok's show for UEFA Euro 2020.