Doja Cat, The Weeknd - You Right

June 29, 2021

Doja Cat welcomes The Weeknd to its own planet.
Doja Cat prepared an imposing music video for her collaboration with The Weeknd on "You Right".

"You Right" is a sensual R&B song included on Doja Cat's new album "Planet Her", which has just been released by Kemosabe / RCA Records / Sony Music.

Directed by Quentin Deronzier, the impressive music video for "You Right" begins with the shot of a mythical ancient civilization, which seems to be strongly inspired by the ancient Acropolis of Athens.

The majestic setting is filled with symbols associated with the constellation of Libra, a series of references to the astrological sign of Doja Cat.

The American rapper and singer welcomes viewers to her own universe in an unknown galaxy in space and time, which is unaware of the dimensions and laws of nature.

Doja Cat had suggested to The Weeknd to be on his new album, but she was not sure which song would be best for their collaboration.

"You Right" was originally going to be a solo song and was already over, but when The Weeknd heard it, he "became obsessed" with it. Eventually one of the two verses that had already been written was removed to add the Canadian artist's part.

This is the second musical collaboration between them. The two artists joined forces for the first time in the remix for "In Your Eyes" of The Weeknd, where Doja Cat added her own special feminine note.