DJ Snake & Selena Gomez - Selfish Love

March 06, 2021

DJ Snake and Selena Somez release the music video that accompanies their discographic reunion to the bilingual song "Selfish Love".

"Selfish Love" continues the tradition of DJ Snake mixing different types of music in his songs. This time the French DJ and music producer combines the intense rhythm of latin pop with his famous electronic production that escapes the trampled.

The dreamy shades of "Selfish Love" and the soft tones of the saxophone are combined with the wonderfully sweet interpretation of Selena Gomez, who maneuvers between the Spanish and the English with incredible grace and abundant emotion.

"As all people are separated from each other, I was constantly looking for and making music that had only positive energy. "I wanted to create music for the world and combine all my favorite influences from afro beat and latin music, which seemed to be grounded and organic," says DJ Snake for "Selfish Love."

"Selena and I were talking and after 'Taki Taki' we had to give the world another round with fresh summer energy. Something makes it look like summer the first time you hear it. "" Selfish Love "came very naturally for us and I think it is the perfect development in our common history", he explains.

The video for "Selfish Love", directed by award-winning Brazilian director Rodrigo Saavedra, places DJ Snake and Selena Gomez in a colorful and surreal hair salon.

"Selfish Love" will be included in Selena Gomez's new Spanish-language EP entitled "Revelación", which will be released by Interscope Records / Universal Music on March 12.