Dimitri Vegas x David Guetta x Nicole Scherzinger x Azteck - The Drop

July 16, 2022

Dance music legends Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta team up with American singer and actress Nicole Scherzinger and DJ and producer Azteck to release the addictive house single 'The Drop'.

"The Drop", the second official solo single from Dimitri Vegas (Dimitris Thivaios), is a song fit for Summer.

In the animated music video Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger and Azteck transform into superheroes in an adventurous fantasy world as they race to catch 'The Drop' while speeding past volcanoes, dinosaurs, sea creatures and more but.

The video begins with Nicole Scherzinger summoning an energy ball, which hovers and turns green before running away. At that moment, two gates open and our heroes, the animated versions of Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta, appear in their own futuristic vehicles.

Dimitri in 'Vegas', his jet hovercraft, races alongside David Guetta, who flies a motorcycle-like hovercraft.

As they chase the green orb up a ramp above a dinosaur volcano, "The Drop" explodes just as David Guetta leaves his vehicle to catch the orb as it flies through the air. Where she seems to be slipping away, Nicole Scherzinger transforms into a mythical creature as she follows Guetta's vehicle.

The bullet falls off the cliff and ends up in the ocean, where a giant sea monster lurks.

David Guetta emerges from the flames of his burning vehicle, injured and gun in hand, ready to engage the transformed dragon in a field of flames, when Dimitri Vegas appears in his flying car and saves him, before they leave far away.

Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger and Azteck have released many hits in the past, but this is the first time all four have teamed up to shake up the music industry.

The collaboration of legendary dance music artists Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta with pop superstar Nicole Scherzinger and new age DJ Azteck is an ideal song to please their fans, young and old.

"The Drop" opens with a solid electro drum beat and continues with Nicole Scherzinger's distinctive voice as she carries listeners into the song's climax.