David Guetta - Get Together

May 12, 2021

David Guetta's new song will bring together artists from around the world.
French DJ and music producer David Guetta joins forces with the Danish beer brand Tuborg and releases a new song entitled "Get Together".

The song was created specifically for the "Tuborg Open", a global collaboration platform that gives artists from around the world the opportunity to collaborate.

Both David Guetta and Tuborg are ready to show the public that the power of music can unite us all.

On the occasion of the fifth year of "Tuborg Open", "Get Together" will bring together musicians from India, China, Bulgaria, Nepal and Uzbekistan, who will release their own official song remixes.

Different cultures and musical genres will unite under the same beat of David Guetta.

"Get Together" was written by RANI, Ruthy Raba, Nikki Flores, Jenson Vaughan, Abby-Lynn Keen, David Guetta and Will Grands, while her vocals were lent by Abby-Lynn Keen.

David Guetta said: "I think music is a universal language and that dance music brings people closer."

"It's interesting to see the reaction of different artists coming from a completely different culture from mine, to see how they can take my sounds and do something else by giving their own interpretation," he continued.

"What I expect from an artist is to perhaps have a different vision of the world and to say something that has not been said. "It could be lyrics or it could be music and if the combination of what they bring and what I bring can create something completely fresh, then I'm happy."

"Get Together" is released by Parlophone Records / Warner Music with a lyric video that uses augmented reality technology.

"What makes me feel like I've done my job is when I get to the moment where everyone feels like one. I think it is amazing that Tuborg wants to play a role in this process. It means a lot because I really gave my life for it ", commented David Guetta.

The renowned producer understands the positive impact that music has on people's lives, especially at a time when many feel isolated.

"Right now people really need to feel connected to the rest of the world and music has the power to do that. "It's a global language that brings people together," he said.

The prospect of working with Tuborg to bring people together through music has excited David Guetta for the future.

"I think we are going to witness the most incredible times for our industry. After all the frustration, people will have fun like never before. I know for sure. It will be epic when the world reopens and we can play music. "It will be magical," he said.