Coldplay X Selena Gomez - Let Somebody Go

February 14, 2022

Chris Martin and Selena Gomez sing in "Let Somebody Go" about the pain and sadness caused by the end of a love affair.

The two singers acknowledge that although they still love each other, it is better to part ways. It's a painful decision they have to make, a decision that has left them both devastated.

"Music Of The Spheres" is a space-themed album. Although "Let Somebody Go" is a typical breakup song, Coldplay uses some astronomical metaphors associated with the theme of the album.

"It's just a really great ballad. And quite early on we realized that we needed a female awe-inspiring opponent on vocals. "And we were very grateful that when we asked Selena to take part in this song, she loved it and gladly agreed to do it," Chris Martin told Apple Music about "Let Somebody Go."

"Collaborations in general are something we do more lately. We have never done it before. "When we were younger, we were locked in a room and we felt we had to prove who we were."

"But I think as time went on, it became more interesting for us to work with other people from different parts of the world, different species. "It just adds color and character to the music," he explained.

"Let Somebody Go" is pictured with a black-and-white music video directed by Dave Meyers, who edited the videos for both of Coldplay's two previous singles, "Higher Power" and "My Universe" with BTS.

In the "Let Somebody Go" video, which draws on Marvel's Doctor Strange universe and Christopher Nolan's Inception, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Selena Gomez are trapped in two identical parallel worlds and try to overcome the obstacles that separate them.