Bryson Tiller - Lonely Christmas (Feat Justin Bieber)

November 23, 2021

The song is included in Bryson Tiller's new Christmas EP.
Christmas is traditionally the time when we gather with friends, relatives and lovers around the fire, create happy memories and open gifts. But sometimes all we have are happy memories from previous holidays as we sit alone by the Christmas tree.

At least that is the situation described by Bryson Tiller's melancholy single "Lonely Christmas" featuring Justin Bieber and their regular vocal collaborator Poo Bear.

"Lonely Christmas" is included in the new EP "A Different Christmas" by Bryson Tiller released by Trapsoul / RCA Records / Sony Music and contains seven songs, as well as participations by Tayla Parx ("Ain't A Lonely Christmas") , Kiana Ledé ("Presents") and Tiller's daughter, Halo ("Winter Wonderland").

The new EP is also accompanied by an animated music video for "Lonely Christmas", inspired by the movie "Rudolph the Stag" from the 60's.

The ballad "Lonely Christmas" begins with an acoustic guitar, as Justin Bieber mentions what he would normally do during the holidays.

"Right now, I'm out there shopping / Some of you call it cheating / Money never meant anything / To see you smile, you know I'm going to blow it all up," he sings before the melancholy chorus follows.

"It's going to be a lonely Christmas / A lonely Christmas with a broken heart / No mistletoe, no kisses / It's going to be a lonely Christmas, yes, yes", sings Justin.

Bryson Tiller takes on the second stanza: "It was almost like all the holidays / It could never get past the previous ones / And even if it doesn't snow in the desert, my girl / It 's still the coldest winter I've ever had".

"Before we start my next album, I wanted to share another special project I prepared for you. Creating it was really fun. "It's inspired by (Justin) Bieber, Ariana (Grande) and some of the loneliest Christmas I've ever had," Bryson Tiller told EP "A Different Christmas."