Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

August 04, 2021

Billie Eilish unfolds her directorial vision once again.
Billie Eilish reveals the music video for the song of the same title on her new album "Happier Than Ever", which was released today (July 30) by Darkroom / Interscope Records / Universal Music.

Throughout the song, Billie Eilish elaborates on her feelings about the betrayal she felt from someone close to her and emphasizes that she is "happier than ever" without him.

While the first part of the song is quiet and includes endoscopic lyrics and the soft voice of Billie Eilish accompanied by only one ukulele, the second part of the song explodes into a rock anthem with electric guitars, laxative lyrics and a dynamic and expressive interpretation that has sharpened by the multitude of concerts given by the young singer.

"When I'm away from you / I'm happier than ever / I wish I could explain it better / I wish it wasn't true", sings Billie Eilish and the pain in her voice is felt.

The music video for "Happier Than Ever", directed by Billie Eilish herself, wanders around a vintage room and sings the song as she talks on the phone.

When the song changes style, Billie Eilish opens the door and is swept away by a rushing torrent, which floods the entire house. Nevertheless, she manages to escape and climb to the roof to see that everything around her has been flooded.

Like the single itself, the video culminates in a laxative ending as the pop star sings "Happier Than Ever" and dances on the roof amid a storm.