Belly, The Weeknd - Die For It

September 01, 2021

The song is included on Belly's new album.
Rapper, singer and songwriter Belly reveals the music video for the song "Die For It" in which he meets the charismatic The Weeknd and the legendary Nas.

"Die For It" is included on Belly's new album "See You Next Wednesday" released by Roc Nation and XO Records.

The song itself is largely based on the concept of heaven and hell, as the images in the music video suggest.

"They killed Nip (Nipsey Hussle), they will never fill the void / I know the devil shed a tear of joy (…) I can never tell, but you have heard the stories / I can never tell, this is paradise , hell or purgatory? », says Belly in the first verse and asks a reasonable question, taking into account what has happened in the field of hip-hop music in recent years.

Nas speaks in the second verse about his struggle to preserve his heritage: "Things I would die for, everything I built for 20 years / I will not let you make them fall / I will put you in the ground", warns.

As The Weeknd sings the sweetly threatening refrain: "If this is what it is, then I will die for it."

The music video for "Die For It" opens with Belly absorbing his surroundings, which consists of an Apocalypse scene with a crimson sky, burning buildings and deserted streets littered with newspapers.

He then spreads his wings and turns into a strange digital angel, while Nas spends much of his time on screen melancholy in the ruins of a clock tower.

The Weeknd initially appears only on TVs scattered throughout the devastated city and records its downfall.

Belly has amassed over 1 billion streams as an artist, while in combination with his creations as a songwriter / composer he has reached the milestone of 6 billion streams.

In 2020, he made history when he co-wrote the blockbuster "Blinding Lights" from The Weeknd's latest album, "After Hours", a song that remained for the inconceivable number of 88 weeks in the Billboard Top 10.

"Die For It" is not the only song on the album "See You Next Wednesday" in which Belly collaborates with The Weeknd. The two Canadian artists join forces in the already well-known song "Better Believe", in which Young Thug also participates.

Belly and The Weeknd have released two other singles together, the platinum "Might Not" in 2015 and "What You Want" in 2018.