AC DC - Realize

January 14, 2021 - 40 views

The "Realize" video was shot with AC / DC members in five different locations.

AC / DC welcomes 2021 with the music video of "Realize".

Having closed 2020 at the top of the charts in 18 countries with their album "Power Up" (Columbia Records / Sony Music), AC / DC start the new year with a gift for their audience.

The dark music video "Realize" is directed by Clemens Habicht (Tame Impala) and Josh Cheuse, the band's artistic director.

In the 3 minutes and 39 seconds of the video, Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phill Rudd and Stevie Young are doing what they know best: rocking together.

The two directors faced the difficulty that the band members were in five different locations and approached the music video as a puzzle, combining each separate performance together to create a perfect visual that shows AC / DC like never before.

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We recorded "Realize" with just a few shots. It was one of Malcolm 's ideas before we did "Black Ice". He had a good interpretive idea and sang it. "I was stuck," Angus Young explained.

The hard rock band collaborated on the album "Power Up" with producer Brendan O 'Brien, who also edited their albums "Black Ice" (2008) and "Rock or Bust" (2014).

With full batteries for the new decade in their careers, AC / DC presents 12 new songs, proudly maintaining their distinctive sound and all their dynamic elements.



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