Vin Veli

Vin Veli is a well-known DJ and songwriter. Artvin Veli graduated from the Fine Arts Academy, Trombone profile. Besides the studies, he has participated in the night club bars performing as a DJ. Actually, he has started to play as a DJ earlier in his life since he was 15 at Radio Planet, a local radio station in Tirana.

After 3 years of experience at the radio station and sometimes as a DJ in the night clubs, he focused his performance mostly in the best night clubs here in Tirana. Actually, he works in the production studio to create and produce bootleg mash-ups and remixes. Now he has his own productions and represents it on the web, Beatport, etc.

On May 19, 2023, Altin Shira releases the video clip "Sikur Ta Dije", in collaboration with Young Zerka & Vin Velin. The lyrics of the song were worked together by Kledi Bahiti & Young Zerka. The video clip was produced by MAX Production, while the audio production was made by Kledi Bahiti.