Xenia Ghali collaborates with Nate Mitchell on the single "Love Me Still"

February 20, 2021

Xenia Ghali, the world-renowned DJ and producer, returns with a brand new song titled "Love Me Still" with Nate Mitchell.

"Love Me Still" is a dance song with lyrics by Xenia Ghali and Nate Mitchell.

The music of the song belongs to Xenia Ghali and Anthony Dircson, while the production of the song is signed by her.

The producer and DJ has already visualized the new single.

A special music video for "Love Me Still" directed by Sherif Francis will be coming to our screens very soon.

In fact, the popular actors Dimitris Makalias and Dimitris Papadakis participate in the video clip, whom the general public met through his participation in the TV series "Ela Sti Thesi Mou".