Video: When 16-year-old Ed Sheeran was auditioned

January 14, 2021

Ed Sheeran was auditioned for a TV series.

After years, a video came to the surface again with 16-year-old and then unknown Ed Sheeran going through an audition for the needs of a British television series.

This video is a behind-the-scenes look at the audition process for a 2008 music series called "Britannia High", similar to "Glee" and "Fame".

The series was followed by a group of young people and their mentors at a fantastic school of fine arts in London. The producers were looking for cast members who could sing, dance and play roles.

As the video shows, Ed Sheeran was great at the song, but it had nothing to do with dancing. As she desperately tried to present a dancing figure, one of the judges shook her head and murmured, "Not even in the choices."

One choreographer notes that "Ed has no idea what he's doing, but he's trying" and Sheeran himself later admits that he "sealed it" because he "accidentally hit him in the face".

The other judges praised Ed Sheeran for his voice and guitar skills, but wondered if he could play a role. In the video we see the singer being tested in one scene, but it is never revealed if he was good.

In the end Ed Sheeran is rejected. "I do not think one can say that he did not want the role and did not want to take the role. "Everyone wanted it as much as the next person," the singer said on camera.

Three years later, Ed Sheeran released his first hit and today he is one of the greatest and richest musicians in the world.



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