The Weeknd: This is how his face was "deformed"

January 11, 2021

With the help of special effects, The Weeknd appeared in the video of "Save Your Tears".

Throughout "After Hours", The Weeknd blurred the lines between reality and fiction with his music videos and public appearances, which seem to move in the same narrative space.

However, the production went up with a video of "Save Your Tears", which was released this week.

The Weeknd appears in the video with a deformed face after an extreme plastic surgery. Of course, he never underwent real surgery, but he was transformed with the help of special effects.
The singer's appearance in "Save Your Tears" was edited by designer Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance Makeup-FX Studio, who after the release of the video, shared on Instagram photos from the process followed for the final result.

The process began with the creation of a sculpture of the deformed face of The Weeknd and it was decided how they would proceed, Marino created the prostheses.

There were four main prostheses: one for each lip, one for the nose, eyebrows and forehead and one for the cheeks and chin. The pieces were placed on The Weeknd face and the appropriate makeup was used to complete the believable result.

The music video for "Save Your Tears" was not only discussed for The Weeknd's unexpected appearance. Many believe that the video is the singer's response to his exclusion from the 2021 Grammy Awards.



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