The Weeknd: Lawsuit accuses him of copying "Call Out My Name"

September 23, 2021

"This is perhaps the most blatant copyright infringement by The Weeknd."
The Weeknd is accused of copying a lawsuit filed against him by an electro-house duo.

Epikker's Suniel Fox and Henry Strange claim that the song "Call Out My Name" by the Canadian artist from the EP of "My Dear Melancholy," released in 2018, is a copy of their song "Vibeking" of 2017.

The lawsuit also alleges that the song was co-produced by Frank Dukes and Nicolas Jaar, publishers of the Universal Music Group.

In court documents, Suniel Fox and Henry Strange claim that "Vibeking" was created in April 2015 and that its copyright was secured "approximately in April or May 2017".

The duo added that they sent the song to PNDA, one of The Weeknd sound engineers, in the hope that the singer would listen to it and notes that "Vibeking" was one of the many songs sent to him for consideration.

On April 29, 2015, PNDA reportedly responded to one of the Epikker members, stressing that the song is "very good". Later, on May 15 of that year, the PNDA reported that The Weeknd had listened to the song and also said it was "very good".

The Weeknd

The PNDA then wrote to Henry Strange: "I'll just tell The Weeknd that the song was written by our production team. Okay; Or do you have another idea? "I just do not want to say 'Strange wrote this song' since he does not know you."

Strange replied: "The Weeknd knows me. Say both. He met me on Drake's tour. "

However, the creators of "Vibeking" did not give their permission and did not agree with the team of The Weeknd to use their song in "Call Out My Name".

Chris Ghazarian, the lawyer representing the two creators of Vibeking, spoke on their behalf about the lawsuit.

"The Weeknd has been charged again with copyright infringement and this is perhaps the most blatant case to date," he said.

"Epikker is collaborating with many artists in the music industry and they were deeply disappointed when The Weeknd and his team copied 'Vibeking', an original Epikker song they sent them years ago in good faith," he added.

"I look forward to working with (law firm) Doniger / Burroughs to secure adequate compensation and recognition for Epikker in relation to 'Call Out My Name,'" he said.