The Chainsmokers return with their first single from 2019

January 11, 2022

The new single The Chainsmokers is titled "High".
It's been two years, but the wait for new music from The Chainsmokers is finally over.

The duo revealed that he has returned to the studio and that he is preparing something special for his fans.

The Chainsmokers have posted on Twitter the teaser of a brand new single entitled "High" which seems to herald their return to their EDM roots.

The short teaser contains a jolly beat, distorted vocals and other electronica elements.

"Who's ready?" The Chainsmokers asked in the caption of the post, adding a link to pre-save the new single.

They also used the hashtag # TCS4, a code name for their forthcoming fourth studio album, which they first mentioned two years ago.

The last time The Chainsmokers appeared on Twitter was in February 2020, when they announced that they would take a break from social media so they could work on the album and "give it the attention it needs."

"We will be back soon (approximately), but other than that, the next time you see our faces here will be when TCS4 is ready… time for album mode," they also said at the time.

Does the announcement of "High" mean that the album is complete, as previously promised?

Their social media accounts have already acquired new images, profile photos and purple headlines that match the color they chose for the teaser.

So far, the release date of "High" has not been revealed, nor when we can wait for their next album.

The last original single released by The Chainsmokers was "P.S. I Hope You’re Happy ”in collaboration with blink-182 in December 2019, along with their album“ World War Joy ”.

However, on January 2, the duo shared a remix of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me", calling it a "gift for your patience".