Taylor Swift: Singer-themed breakup bar in Chicago

Customers will be able to drink Taylor Swift-inspired drinks and sing karaoke to her songs.

A bar and restaurant in Chicago is transforming into a destination for die-hard Taylor Swift fans who want to spend winter and Valentine's Day with her music.

On February 3, the Electric Garden store in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood will launch Bad Blood, a pop-up concept in honor of Taylor Swift, whose song of the same name was first released in 2014.

Alex Vazquez, the venue's executive chef and general manager, says Taylor Swift was the perfect choice for an anti-Valentine's Day concept because of her long history of songs about breakups and engagement of the media with her personal life.

"What she's singing about, and the heartache in her music, fit very well with what we were looking for in wanting to break away from the typical love and romance pop-ups," he told Variety.

"Bad Blood" will offer cocktails and dishes curated from comments Taylor Swift has made throughout her career. Brunch will consist of Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy and Fruity Pebbles Egg Bread, Vazquez added. "He's a cereal lover," she noted.

The drinks have borrowed their names from the titles of Taylor Swift songs. 'Lavender Haze', named after the album's single 'Midnights', features gin and lavender bitters, for example.

All drinks will have dark colors – red and dark blue – to enhance the visual representation of Taylor Swift's sad songs.

Also on the list are: Taylor's Fave, or a rum and coke, which is reportedly the singer's favorite drink for a night out on the town. 'Harry's Fave', a rose punch, is dedicated to her former partner, Harry Styles.

"Everybody's been through breakups, so everybody can relate to her," bar co-owner Chris Johnston said of Taylor Swift. "She's someone who inspires a lot of people – so why wouldn't we want to be a part of it?" she continued.

In addition to food and drinks, the 'Bad Blood' pop-up will also be decorated with life-size paper figures of Taylor Swift and her album covers.

There will also be an expert who will read tarot cards to predict the course of the love lives of the bar's patrons and there will be karaoke with songs from the pop star's extensive discography.

Electric Garden is partnering with Bucket Listers, a national events company, to produce Bad Blood. Pop-ups have become a broader trend in the restaurant industry, fueled by intense competition following the COVID-19 pandemic in major cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

“There are thousands of bars in the city, all trying to fight for the same piece of the pie. In a world where everyone is looking for instant gratification, you have to get people's attention in ways that are different and new,” Johnston explained.

Advance ticket purchase is required for the 'Bad Blood' event. Each $22 ticket is valid for a 90-minute bar stay. The pop-up will last until February 26 with the possibility of an extension.