Taylor Swift Shares The Special Surprise Behind 'Midnights'

September 17, 2022

Taylor Swift is famous for the fact that she likes to hide surprises or messages in her releases for her fans to spot every time.

The latest sneak peek is a watch, which is featured on the back cover of her upcoming album 'Midnights', out on October 21st, and Taylor Swift just couldn't wait for her fans to find out.

"Midnights" will be released on four separate colored vinyl editions.

Through Taylor Swift's official online store, 'Midnights' is available on three different vinyl editions in 'Jade Green', 'Blood Moon' and 'Mahogany' respectively, which feature separate covers and distinct color schemes.

Then, earlier in the week, Taylor Swift announced a deluxe edition of 'Midnights' titled 'Lavender Edition', which will be available on both vinyl and CD.

In fact, the "Lavender Edition" CD will contain three bonus tracks, including a brand new song.

As Taylor Swift revealed in a new post on social media, if you put the covers of the four different versions of 'Midnights' together, either on vinyl or CD , your collection will become a one-of-a-kind watch.

"Okay, I've been wanting to show you this for a while," the pop star said in a new video to her fans.

“So we have four different covers for the 'Midnights' album. And if you turn them around, obviously there's a back cover for each of them, they're each different. What I wanted to show you is that if you put all the backs together, it forms a watch," he explained.

"It's a watch. It's a clock, a clock is forming. It can help you tell the time,” he added.

Taylor Swift used the stage at the recent 2022 MTV Video Music Awards to announce her tenth album when she accepted the award for Video of the Year for 'All Too Well: The Short Film'.

'Midnights' will contain a total of 13 songs, the titles of which have not yet been revealed.