Taylor Swift announces the release of the album "Red"

June 22, 2021

Taylor Swift announces the release of the new recording of her "Red" album.

Two months after "Fearless (Taylor's Version)", the first of the albums on her list to be re-recorded by the pop star, the baton is taken by the new version of "Red", the album that was originally released in 2012 and marked the transition of the American singer from the country in mainstream pop music.

Taylor Swift informed her fans about her plans with a personal note she posted on social media.

"I always said that the world is a different place for the wrecked. It moves on a different axis, with different speed. Time flies backwards and forwards fleetingly. "The devastated can go through thousands of micro-emotions a day trying to figure out how to get over it without picking up the phone to hear this old familiar voice," he wrote.

"In the land of sorrow, moments of strength, independence and risky rebellion are intertwined in detail with grief, weakness that causes paralysis and despair. When you imagine your future, you may be led astray into the past. And all this to say that the next album that I will release is my own version of "Red" ", he continued.

Musically and lyrically, "Red" looked like a devastated person. It was everywhere, a broken mosaic of emotions that somehow all fit in the end. Happy, free, confused, lonely, shocking, ecstatic, wild and tormented by memories of the past. "As I wanted to try new songs, I went to the studio and experimented with different sounds and collaborators," he described.

"Red (Taylor's Version)" will contain a total of 30 songs, as revealed by Taylor Swift.

Among them are expected to be the 16 songs of the original album ("We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", "I Knew You Were Trouble", "22" etc.), songs that were included in various editions of "Red" , but also unreleased songs that were recorded at the time and were never released.

Taylor Swift hinted indirectly but clearly that "Red (Taylor's Version)" will include the coveted original and complete version of her favorite song "All Too Well", which lasts more than 10 minutes.

"As if trying out pieces of a new life, I went into the studio and experimented with different sounds and collaborators. "And I'm not sure if I put my thoughts on this album, listening to thousands of voices inside me singing the lyrics with enthusiastic solidarity or if it was just time, but something healed along the way," the 31-year-old singer continued.

"Sometimes you have to talk about it all the time (over and over) to make it end. Like your girlfriend calling you in the middle of the night and talking about her ex, I just couldn't stop writing. This will be the first time you will hear all 30 songs that are supposed to be released with "Red". "And one of them lasts ten minutes," he said.

"Red (Taylor's Version)" will be released on November 19, 2021.