Sia and NASA work together to honor the "Perseverance" mission to Mars

April 17, 2021

"Floating Through Space" is combined with plans by NASA engineers to work on various aspects of the "Perseverance" mission.
A new music video for the song "Floating Through Space", her latest collaboration with David Guetta, has been released by Sia.

The video was created in collaboration with NASA in honor of the test flight of the robotic helicopter "Ingenuity" on the planet Mars.

The "Ingenuity Mars Helicopter" is an integral part of the "Perseverance" mission. It is a robotic helicopter designed to be used to test technology to locate targets of interest on Mars and to help design the optimal driving route for future Mars travelers.

According to the APE-MPE, the flight of the robotic helicopter was scheduled for April 11, however it was postponed as the test result was not satisfactory.

In the new music video for "Floating Through Space", the song is combined with NASA engineers' plans to build and test "Ingenuity" but also to work on other aspects of the "Perseverance" mission.

Additional test data are given with classic dialogue bubbles like those found in comics.

The song "Floating Through Space" is included in the soundtrack of the controversial movie "Music" by Sia, which you can listen to here.

Criticism of the film has not been laudatory, with actress Maddie Ziegler being chosen for her role as an autistic woman without verbal communication skills, as well as for the way she portrays autism.

Nevertheless, "Music" received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture in the Musical or Comedy category this year.